Deviant Septet
Music.  For your Soul.

The mission of Deviant Septet is to fulfill the vision Igor Stravinsky had for his L’histoire du Soldat ensemble.  Stravinsky, so enamored by the unusual combination of instruments, thought that others would follow his lead, and that this combination of musicians would travel the world playing the music of many composers.  While Stravinsky’s contemporaries were seemingly not up to the task, it is the goal of Deviant Septet to bring this idea to life.  By commissioning modern composers, Deviant Septet will complete its primary goal of creating a repertoire for this unique ensemble which is otherwise nearly non-existent.  With a roster of highly versatile and experienced chamber musicians, who are also some of America’s foremost contemporary and avant-garde classical music interpreters, the ensemble hopes to attract a renewed interest in the modern chamber music idiom. Through the use of multi-media performances, audience interaction, unique venues, and unusual repertoire and programming choices, Deviant Septet aims to redefine the modern concert experience.

The Deviant Mission